Welcome Letter - March 2018

Lee Community:

Welcome to the Lee Public Schools!

I am so thankful to have joined the district in December, and greatly appreciate the warm welcome I’ve received over the past few months.   Our school district is composed of remarkable people (students, staff, families, and neighbors) who are committed to each other.  It is the strong sense of community and connectedness that sets us apart, and binds us together in common purpose.

The mission of the Lee Public Schools is to ensure our students have exceptional educational opportunities so they can develop social, civil, and critical thinking skills necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world.  In doing so, our students will learn to set goals, make healthy and responsible choices, embrace diversity, build a sense of purpose and value, and be prepared to embrace their future. 

As I transition into the district, early tasks include communication (listening and sharing), ensuring safe and smooth operations of the district, reviewing key documents and processes, and planning for the coming year (s).  Specifically, setting a fiscal year 2019 budget, reviewing strategic planning, developing policy, and hiring faculty and staff.  Of course, our academic program (curriculum, instructional and assessment) are of primary importance and is an ongoing focus for our faculty and school leaders. 

I encourage you to stay connected to the Lee Public Schools by scanning the website, reading materials sent from the schools, attending school events, talking about the school day with each other, and staying in touch with the schools.   Recognizing that students rise to the expectations they are held to, we ask that you support and regularly repeat the message that all students can succeed, can achieve, and often can accomplish things they never imagined they could.  Also, feel free to pass along the good news about our district.  We continue to support choice students and encourage interested families to contact us to enroll.    

My sincere thanks for having the confidence in our school system, and in me.  We will continue to work hard to ensure all students have a fantastic educational experience, and will thrive in their lives beyond school.    


Dr. H. Jake Eberwein
Superintendent of Schools