Summer 2019

Lee Community:

Happy summer!  We wish our Class of 2019 a fantastic future…we are so very proud of you….a truly exceptional group of graduates.  And…what a fantastic set of events and celebrations across our district in June with concerts, step-up ceremonies, showcases, athletic tournaments, art shows, field trips, and graduation at Tanglewood.  We truly do have an exceptional school district!

As we embark on summer, we encourage our families to take advantage of all the resources within our community.   Be sure to enjoy the natural beauty of our region, visit the library, and enjoy time with each other.

Summer in the Lee Schools does not slow down, with many students participating in summer school, enrichment, camps, and sports training.   Today, I heard lots of laughter and student voices across our campus.   Of course, summer is also a time for us to dig into projects and preparation for the 2019-20 school year and our custodial/maintenance crew is busy at work – my thanks to them.

As we head into July, our administrative team is busy preparing for the school year.  Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.  We will be sending start-of-year letters to our families and staff in early August as we prepare for opening week.  This will help to smooth the way towards our first day of school, scheduled for August 28.  We often get questions about bus routes, and our goal is to also have them published in early August so…stay tuned.

Finally, if you are interested in school choice we continue to accept applications.  Enrolling in the Lee Public Schools.

My best to each of you...enjoy the sunshine, warm temps. and time together.

H. Jake Eberwein

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